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16 of the Best Amazon Couches to Shop in 2023

Jul 17, 2023Jul 17, 2023

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"You bought that WHERE?!"

So, you’re looking for a couch. Exciting! It is, after all, a crucial component of Netflix-and-Chill-ing, hosting friends, taking seriously snooze-worthy afternoon naps, and plopping down at the end of a long day. No other part of your decor is quite so versatile, and we love her for it. But if you realistically aren’t quite swimming in disposable income to drop on the world’s most expensive bespoke couch, may I suggest grabbing your laptop and logging onto everyone’s favorite Everything Site™ to shop for some of the best couches on Amazon?

To help narrow things down for you, we found some excellent Amazon sofas for easy rearranging, extra storage, and maximum cushiness, as well as convertible couches that turn into futons and trendy faux leather couches that look like the real deal (minus the real deal price tag.)

Some of these pieces are total design showstoppers, like this minimalist white bouclé couch and this pink velvet sofa, while others are more understated investments. Either way, if you consider yourself a couch enthusiast or someone who loves the words “Prime shipping” (and isn’t that all of us?), keep scrolling to shop for some of the best couches on Amazon right now.

Slightly slanted wooden legs and tufted faux leather make this sofa look more expensive than it actually is, and the back can recline or lay completely flat for overnight guests. One customer noted that the couch “seriously looks like real leather,” so if you’re envisioning unboxing a squeaky, plastic contraption, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this leather alternative.

THE REVIEWS: “For the price, I felt the couch was well worth it and looks great in my apartment! It's not as comfortable as other more expensive couches, but I have let guests sleep on it when they are visiting,” writes one reviewer. “Overall, I recommend it given the price, especially since many of my guests thought the couch cost double the price I got it for!”

As far as 2023 home trends go, green velvet is seriously having a moment. There’s something really luxurious about a big, cushy statement piece like this mid-century modern sofa that’s so lush and green that your plant babies will be jealous. The couch comes with two matching bolster pillows (like, how devastatingly chic is it to own ~bolster pillows~?) and, according to reviews, isn’t too hard to put together on your own or with the help of a handy friend.

Don’t be surprised if your mom loves this retro, rounded sofa as much as you do. She’ll be obsessed with the ‘70s vibes, while you’ll fall in love with the hidden storage in the center section. Plus, the easy-to-move pieces can be arranged to create a left- or right-facing sectional. You could even separate this bb into a two-seater couch and a chaise. Fancy!

Just look at all that fluffy bouclé goodness. The looped, textured yarn couch and the three matching pillows that come with it will immediately add hygge to your living room. The body of the sofa is made of a thick, padded foam sponge base (rather than down) which is perf for vegans or anyone who generally prefers to avoid animal products. You can even buy a lil matching swivel chair in the same cozy fabric, if your heart so desires!

How does one say no to a pink couch? Answer: You don’t. The smooth, rounded design and glamorous velvet fabric are a maximalist dream, TBH. Art deco fans (and pretty much anyone who aspired to become a mermaid as a child) will love the striped, seashell-like tufting, and it’s surprisingly well under the $1000 mark despite the luxe design. The gold legs are a sweet finishing touch.

There’s something about a sectional that just feels so home-y. It’s the ideal sofa shape for the hostess with the mostess, and you can easily create a U-shaped or L-shaped design by moving around the two ottomans. Toss a couple of pretty throw pillows and a blanket on there, and thank me when your entire living space is transformed.

PSA: You can get a sectional even if you’re working with a couch budget of a few hundred dollars. This lattice tufted sofa comes in 12 different colors, and the money you’ll save on this baby totally outweighs the hour or two you’ll need to spend assembling it. I think the gold statement legs are beaut, but if they aren’t your cup of tea, one reviewer noted that they spray-painted the legs with matte black paint to achieve a different look.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how much space you have, you somehow always end up needing more storage. But think of all the random things you could secretly store in this couch, which features two hidden storage compartments under each unassuming chaise—extra throw blankets? Your yoga mat and sneakers? An engagement ring?! Multifunctional furniture FTW.

THE REVIEWS: “Our old couch tended to be too soft, and I felt like I sat "in" it rather than on it. I also wanted flexibility in how to configure it. Storage was a great bonus too. This couch checks all of the boxes,” a reviewer writes. “I am reasonably handy, so it was easy to carry the pieces to my basement (about 50 lbs per box) and assemble it. The flexibility of the setup is cool too”

Just because you live in a tiny (err, *cozy*) apartment doesn’t mean you can’t invest in some quality furniture that compliments whatever square footage you’re currently working with. Amazon customers seem to collectively agree that this loveseat offers great value for the price, and it can comfortably fit a couple people for a wine night or watch party. Also, the couch cover is removable, meaning you can easily toss it in the laundry to clean any spills or stains.

Have you ever seen a more inviting-looking couch in your entire life? This faux leather bad boy folds out into a short twin bed, which is convenient for any surprise overnight guests that you’d prefer to relegate to the living room. And if that wasn’t enough, you can actually adjust the armrest and the backrest to your preferred angles for maximum comfort, whether you’re WFH-ing or snoozing.

Helloooo, beautiful! This extra-soft and cushy sofa comes with a smaller ottoman and a larger standalone rectangular ottoman that both open up to reveal plenty of extra storage space underneath. Some reviewers noted that it’s lower to the ground, a feature that you might prefer in order to make your ceilings feel taller than they actually are.

Let me introduce you to Stone & Beam, Amazon’s private-label furniture brand that boasts a ton of clean yet rustic pieces like this cream sofa with extra-deep seats that are perfect for curling up on. It also happens to be a pretty great dupe for TikTok’s favorite fluffy cloud couch (you know, the R*stor*tion H*rdw*re sofa with a $10k price tag—excuse me while I faint!) thanks to the hidden legs and soft, reversible seat cushions.

Anyone who’s in search of a Very Soft Couch™️ should look no further than this unique upholstered sofa with drool-worthy details from sleek cushions and a curved backrest to exposed metal legs. The chic cushions stretch long enough to seat multiple people, and you’ll get to select from 14 different shades of bold, gorgeous velvet.

If you pride yourself on being the tastemaker of your friend group, this blue velvet baby is the couch for you. This particular piece has a lower backrest to create those clean, angular lines, making it a great choice to place in front of a wall that holds a larger piece of art or gallery wall.

Anyone else obsessed with the floating modular backrest, or is that just me? Any studio apartment, home office, or seating nook will be instantly elevated by this velvet loveseat. Several Amazon reviewers noted that the assembly was quicker than expected, ranging from one shopper who clocked in an assembly time of “less than 20 minutes” to another who said they put it together in “like, two seconds.” The couch cover isn’t removable, so a hand vacuum or brush clean is recommended.

Not all couches are meant to live outdoors, so opt for something designed to withstand the elements if you’re planning to ~deck out~ (pun intended!) your porch or outdoor patio. This couch boasts a smooth wicker base topped with soft, neutral cushions—some reviewers noted that they prefer a firmer feel and easily replaced the stuffing, which you can do if you so desire.

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