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Jul 10, 2023Jul 10, 2023

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Jay Cutler might be a huge name today in the bodybuilding world but his journey to success was not a linear route. To gain success, he had to walk through a lot of thorns and hurdles, but after becoming Mr. Olympia and the winner of the Arnold Classic, he started gaining recognition not only from fans but also from the paparazzi. The ‘Quad Stomper’ was grabbing the attention of magazines and news outlets, especially after dethroning the eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman.

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However, even if the bemouth was honest about his lifestyle and regime of training, the magazines sometimes portrayed him as something else. This is something he revealed recently in a podcast and mildly walked over the fact that the media does not always show the whole truth.


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In the latest podcast episode of Cutler Cast, the mega-famous bodybuilder, was asked whether there is any memorable magazine featuring an interview that he remembers. This is when Cutler opened up about one particular magazine feature that was ingrained in his mind due to bizarre reasons.

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The CEO of Cutler Nutrition described his experience by saying, “FHM Magazine, FHM did a feature they came to my house after my last Arnold victory. And they wrote this mainstream article, but made me seem so extraordinarily different from being a normal human.”

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So, according to the Olympia champion, the magazine that also featured Cristiano Ronaldo, showed him as something he was not, and portrayed him as a demigod-like human. Cutler describes how the pictures in the magazine were of his father bronzing him up as he flexed his muscles and him, picking up the sofa in his house. These portrayed him as a superhero rather than a human. The Quad Stomper did not oppose the portrayal but was surprised by this, and it remained a core memory in his mind. His commendable comeback, even after defeats is what made him so unique in the eyes of the media. This is also evidenced by his 2009 comeback where he resurrected like a Phoenix.


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Previously the four-time Olympia winner had posted a picture on Instagram where he was smiling while his Herculean physique looked pretty intimidating. He wrote in the caption, “2009, a time when I was doubted. I didn’t feel defeated. I was motivated to do what no one else ever did; win the title of Mr. Olympia back! Find your motivation.”

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By then, he had already bagged two Mr. Olympia trophies. However, in 2008 he was shocked by Dexter Jackson and his incredible muscles. The mass monster did admit that he was a little too complacent. However, he took the roadblock in stride and worked harder for 2009. He came back, more ripped and jacked onto the stage to snatch back his title. The bodybuilding world had not seen such a marvelous physique for a long time. Each of his muscles screamed of perseverance and he took back his throne.


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What do you think about his life and career? Was he portrayed unnaturally in the magazine? Tell us in the comments below.


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