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Avocado Organic Meditation Pillow Review: A Plush Meditation Foundation

Aug 16, 2023Aug 16, 2023

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Is this plush-yet-structured pillow prime for seeking inner peace? We tried it to find out.

Creating a calm environment is vital for meditation, and a great way to get your sessions started on the right foot is by adding a meditation cushion to your setup. These can take some of the strain out of your back and knees, allowing you to hold that restful pose for longer periods.

While there’s no shortage of impressive pillows for this, one that’s caught my eye lately is Organic Meditation Pillow from Avocado. This Zafu-style profile is constructed from natural and organic vegan materials and features a buckwheat fill for added structure and shape. A GOTS organic-certified cotton exterior also gives this 7-inch-tall pillow a stylish aesthetic.

But is this cushion worth its weight as a well-to-do wellness accessory? Can the eco-friendly nature stack up to other meditation pillows when it comes to ideal body positioning? After using the Avocado Organic Meditation Pillow for a few weeks in my daily meditation sessions, here’s what I’ve found.

For experienced meditation enthusiasts, this Avocado silhouette can be a fantastic addition to your setup. The profile is comfortable yet rigid, and I also appreciate how Avocado prides itself on sustainable manufacturing practices. After all, what’s better than working on yourself with a product that’s working to better the Earth at the same time?

This silhouette is best for experienced users, though, because the level of care needed to keep this meditation cushion in tip-top shape is higher than other silhouettes. If you know how to take care of your equipment, the Avocado can last a long time — but if you’re new to the practice or want a pillow that requires less maintenance, you can save some coin and look elsewhere.

The natural buckwheat fill provides plenty of structure, and the pillow's design makes it easy to add or remove it as needed.

Avocado’s Organic Meditation Pillow boasts organic cotton sourced from India. According to the brand, this is a better solution than conventional options because organic cotton “delivers a luxurious finish, breathes easily, and wicks away moisture better than any synthetic.”

I agree with this sentiment, as sitting atop this silhouette is an absolute treat when looking to unlock my mind for a few minutes. Plus, I feel the idea of having a meditation accessory rooted in sustainability gives my practices more peace of mind; I’m getting to the core of my mental well-being, while also having as little an impact as possible on the Earth around me.

Additionally, I appreciate this meditation cushion for its natural buckwheat fill. Not only does this create a structure that’s sturdy enough to hold my frame in position for extended sessions, but the material itself is more eco-friendly than other interiors. Removing, refilling and adjusting the core is also convenient, too, depending on how firm or loose I want my seat to be in a given session.

While I’ve been a fan of the rounded, circular shape of this Avocado pillow, I am appreciative of the fact that the brand offers similar builds across a variety of cushion profiles. You can find this meditation pillow in squared, pranayama and bolster silhouettes, so there’s a cut for every need. Each silhouette brings with it that same sense of eco-friendly manufacturing, and the comfort can be felt across the board.

If you’re new to meditation, I’d recommend starting with the round silhouette and then build out your collection as you grow accustomed to the practice. Different athletes will need different levels of support, but it is nice to know that the sensation and comfort is available in different silhouettes across the brand’s lineup.

As impressive as this meditation cushion is, I wouldn’t recommend it for those wanting a hands-off approach to their gear. While I admire the easy-to-remove exterior shell, it cannot be placed in the washing machine; according to the brand, you need to spot-wash the fabric. This may be a little more hand scrubbing than some prefer.

Additionally, the light colorway available in this Avocado Organic Meditation Cushion is something to behold, but it can easily pick up dust and debris. For example, I’ve grown accustomed to my dog’s shedding over the years, but the black hairs really seem to pop across the pillow, making me doubt my cleaning abilities even after I know I’ve done my (daily) rounds with the vacuum.

The organic, all-natural makeup of this meditation pillow is commendable, but the more delicate material does require heightened care over time. Athletes have noted this cushion can begin to split at the seams over extended use if you aren’t careful. I personally haven’t experienced such setbacks, but I can see where it may come into play.

For this reason, I recommend owners pay extra attention to how they care for this silhouette. Don’t haphazardly toss this cushion in a corner or under a piece or furniture; give your gear the attention it deserves. Do so, and I feel it will reciprocate the affection.

As stated before, there’s a slew of worthwhile meditation cushions on the market if you feel this Avocado silhouette doesn’t align with your goals. If you’re looking for a cheaper silhouette that still delivers a comfortable seat, it’s tough to go wrong with the Florensi Meditation Cushion. Both profiles feature a buckwheat filling, although I feel the Avocado is far more portable and convenient.

If you want a more tailored fit to your stance, consider the Hugger Mugger V-Shaped Meditation Cushion. The ergonomic positioning of this pillow is great for those needing a little more structure across their hips and thighs, but like the Avocado, this shell is also hand-wash only.