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Crua Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2 puts campers in an insulated cocoon

Jan 18, 2024Jan 18, 2024

Generally speaking, if you want to be warm and snug while sleeping outside, you sleep in an insulated tent. Crua Outdoors' new Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2, however, now brings the same sort of coziness to hammocks.

Although the Culla V2 was designed to fit Crua's line of Koala hammocks, it reportedly also works with most third-party 1- to 2-person hammocks. Whatever the case, the hammock can be mounted on a stand or suspended between two trees.

The basic setup process, which consists mainly of feeding the hammock through one end of the Culla V2 and out the other, is claimed to take only seven seconds. That figure presumably doesn't count the optional extra step of staking four guy lines into the ground, to keep everything from swaying in the wind.

The Wrap Around itself consists of a ripstop nylon outer shell, a 300T pongee inner lining, and a layer of graphene-enhanced poly insulation sandwiched between the two. This four-season temperature-regulating combo is claimed to help keep occupants warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather.

As an added bonus, with the internal window shades rolled down, the setup also blocks external light and muffles external noises. An optional polyester tarp is required for full protection from rain and snow.

The Culla V2 holds its shape thanks to a set of curved aluminum spreader poles that run widthwise through exterior pop-up-tent-style sleeves, along with two cords that run laterally from those poles to the stand/trees at either end. Inside, users can hang lights or other gear from three hooks that dangle from the ceiling, plus they can stuff odds and ends in an integrated mesh pocket.

The whole thing reportedly tips the scales at 11 lb (5 kg).

Pledges run from US$199 for the Culla V2 on its own (planned retail $339), up to $399 for a full package that also includes a Crua hammock, tarp and LED light.

You can see the Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2 in use, in the following video.

Source: Kickstarter