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Great Falls Animal Shelter is selling pet beds and conducting a raffle

Jul 28, 2023Jul 28, 2023

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Animal Shelter is selling used pet beds to give back to the community.

“We have a very generous community here in Great Falls,” said Laramie Smovir, the volunteer coordinator at Great Falls Animal Shelter, “…we decided what we would do is offer [pet beds] at a very discounted rate, so by donation, you can come in and get a comfy bed for your pet, and that money will then be turned around and used to care for the animals here at the shelter.”

While buying a pet bed is a great way to support the shelter, there are other community events where you can show your support, such as the “Drool in the Pool” event on August 26th.

“Drool in the Pool is the biggest canine event in Great Falls,” Smovir said, “we partner up with the city Park and Rec department… so not only are your pups going to be able to take a swim in the big pool, but they also will have some sniff pits going on, some paw painting, we’re going to have some fun things for the humans that are coming as well, and some really great local vendors for people to go and check out.”

During this event a raffle will be held, where two winners will receive a $1500 gift card to Scheels.

The tickets are only five dollars and can be bought at the animal shelter at 1010 25th Avenue NE); Scheels at 1200 10th Avenue South; and the Mansfield Box Office 2 Park Drive South.

In order to bring your dog to Drool in the Pool, you must have proof of your pet's vaccination records.

If you cannot donate monetarily to the animal shelter, they also take pet food donations.

“If you do have that open bag of food that your dog hates and you need to get something else,” Smovir said, “feel free to bring that food in and we can put it in our food pantry and we can pay it forward to the rest of our community.”

The Great Falls Animal Shelter is at 1010 25th Avenue NE. For more information, call 406-454-2276 or click here to visit the website.


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