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Quilt entries for Sac County Quilt

Aug 31, 2023Aug 31, 2023

Quilts are the heart of the Sac County Quilt-A-Fair. Scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Sept. 22 and 23, the Quilt-A-Fair will feature amazing quilts of every genre. The deadline for entry forms was August 28, but any forms received by the Sac City Library by September 1 will be accepted. Area quilters are planning to display around 300 quilts in two buildings at the Sac County Fairgrounds in Sac City. Quilts will also adorn the fences and several outdoor areas of the grounds and barn quilts can be seen on most of the buildings as well. The Sac County fairgrounds will be an exciting place to visit for anyone who enjoys this variety of colorful art.

While most people think of a quilt as something that is used for warmth on a bed, the quilts displayed in the show will cover many more categories. Bed quilts are certainly a primary feature of the Quilt-A-Fair and they will be displayed with interesting antiques and accessories to provide an even more enjoyable experience for visitors.

Since Quilts of Valor have been a primary focus of the Sac County Area Quilters for the past decade, there will be a display of many beautiful, patriotic quilts that have either been awarded to veterans or will be awarded in the future. It is always interesting to see all the ways that quilters use red, white, and blue colors in different patterns and designs. The Quilts of Valor display will also provide an opportunity for visitors to nominate a deserving veteran or active service member to receive a future Quilt of Valor.

Visitors who enjoy antiques will find the vintage quilts especially interesting. The Sac City Museum usually lends a quilt or two to be displayed at the show. There is an entry from the First Christian Church that features hand embroidered names of all the church members in 1934, as well as the names of all their family members. Embroidery, hand quilting, and traditional designs all make the vintage quilts a treasure to enjoy.

As the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays approach, visitors might get in the spirit of the season by checking out all the holiday quilts. There will be a lovely display of Christmas quilts at the show and typically, there are many items for the fall holidays as well.

Baby quilts are always fun to see. That’s another category of quilts that are usually displayed near each other. Visitors will also see all kinds and sizes of quilted wall hangings, table runners, table toppers or tablecloths.

Something new at this year’s Quilt-A-Fair is a display of cloth covered boxes. Like a quilt, these handmade, decorative boxes have three layers: a top fabric, a backing fabric, and a center layer of a firm chip board, rather than batting. The display cases in the Open Class Building will be filled with a wide variety of these lovely boxes and visitors will even have the opportunity to see a demonstration on Cartonnage during the show.

In addition to this brief preview of the quilt displays, the vendors will also have hundreds of quilts for visitors to see. Most of those will be cloth quilts, but quilt patterns in stained glass and wood will also be spotted among the vendor booths.

The Sac County Quilt-A-Fair has developed a reputation as a terrific quilt show. Sac County Area Quilters encourage everyone to mark their calendars for September 22 and 23 and plan to attend the Sac County Quilt-A-Fair. This event only occurs every other year, so you won’t want to miss the show this September. Food vendors will be on the fairgrounds to provide refreshment and great food so visitors can plan to stay from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to take in all the displays, speakers and demonstrations that help make the Quilt-A-Fair such a great event.

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