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Salvation Army seeks donations to help assist the homeless in Aiken

Jun 08, 2023Jun 08, 2023

Aiken Standard reporter

Due to the increased number of homeless people needing assistance in the community, one local nonprofit is asking for the community’s help.

The Salvation Army is seeking donations to aid Aiken's homeless population because its Park Avenue shelter has reached capacity.

"In my six years being an officer, I have never seen this," said Salvation Army Capt. April Tiller. "We have never been full for this long and have to turn away people."

Some items the agency is seeking include tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, lanterns, safety lamps and baby wipes. The agency is also requesting food donations and help with the electricity bill.

Tiller said the donations will be used to provide safety for the homeless who are unable to get into a shelter.

“We can’t offer you shelter because we don’t have room, but here is a tent, sleeping bag and safety equipment,” she said.

Tiller said the current shelter has 40 beds, but it can't keep up with the demands of the hundreds of homeless individuals she sees each day.

Tiller said a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of the homeless individuals she sees have a job, but because of low wages and high rent, they are unhoused.

Tiller said summer is usually hard for the Salvation Army and other nonprofits to raise funds not only because donations run dry, but also because of inflation and budget cuts.

"The Salvation Army needs the community's help. And not just the Salvation Army — every nonprofit needs the community's help," Tiller said.

Those interested in donating can call the Salvation Army office at 803-641-4141.

Aiken Standard reporter

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