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The 7 Best Weighted Blankets for Keeping You Cozy

Dec 20, 2023Dec 20, 2023


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By Jamie Kim Ueda

Weighted blankets are touted as being able to relieve anxiety, help with insomnia, promote relaxation and provide a whole host of other benefits. They are designed to distribute the weight evenly across the body, and some people even say they feel like a light hug because of the extra heft.

While Kathryn Eron, a medical researcher in Denver, who has researched weighted blankets, says more study is needed to determine whether they actually work to address conditions like insomnia or anxiety, all the experts we spoke with reported anecdotal benefits for their patients and clients. Yung Park, M.D., who is board-certified in both internal medicine and psychiatry and the founder of Elevate Medical, a psychiatric practice in New York City, says her patients have reported a noticeable improvement in the quality of their sleep, daytime alertness, mood and level of anxiety with the use of weighted blankets. Our experts emphasize weighted blankets are not a long-term cure-all and should be used in conjunction with other treatment options. Of course, these blankets aren’t just for ailments. Many people simply like the extra pressure because it feels good.

Whatever the reason you’re shopping for a weighted blanket, a good one should distribute pressure evenly across the body, apply the right amount of weight, be comfortable to sleep or lounge with and be easy to clean. Our experts recommend looking for a weighted blanket that’s about 10% of your body weight, though that’s not a hard-and-fast rule.

We sorted through dozens of weighted blankets, researching well-known brands and lesser-known blankets that showed promise. We used our textiles knowledge and consulted with experts to test 11 weighted blankets with the most potential. Our top pick overall is the Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket. We also love other weighted blankets geared toward more specific needs.

If you’d like to read how we vetted and tested these weighted blankets and which experts we consulted, scroll down for more detail.

$150 at Gravity

$250 Save $100

This cool-to-the-touch blanket keeps the weight evenly distributed and warms without overheating. It has a removable cover that’s easy to clean and stays in place on the blanket without shifting.

The Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket is the top overall choice because it hits nearly every mark you would want in a weighted blanket, including a comfortable design that doesn’t make you feel overheated, even weight distribution and a machine-washable cover. Other blankets have some of those features, but none are as complete a package.

The Gravity Blanket’s cover is made from 100% lyocell, a material that is breathable and moves moisture away from the body to help regulate overheating. It’s silky smooth, and we loved the cool-to-the-touch feel, making this the most comfortable weighted blanket among the several we tested. We found it kept us warm, but did not cause us to overheat. The blanket is filled with glass beads and the weight was evenly distributed, with minimal weight shifting and only a tiny bit of noise, not enough to be bothersome.

We like that the cover looked good after washing and drying. The inner blanket is also washable but must be washed by hand. Even though the cover required effort to remove and put back on because of its design—it has zippers on three sides and buttons and ties along the fourth side—we found this setup helped the blanket stay in place without shifting inside the cover.

Gravity offers the widest variety of weighted blankets out of all the companies we looked at, including flannel for extra warmth and knit for extra airflow, so there’s a good chance you’ll find one that suits your preferences. On top of that, the company also sells separate duvet covers for its blankets so you can swap them out when the seasons change, or if you need to wash your cover and want an extra one on hand.

The downside to this blanket is that the lightest weight available is 15 pounds, which may be too heavy for a smaller-framed person. However, there is a travel blanket option that weighs 10 pounds and has a breathable and moisture-wicking removable cover, but which may not be as cooling. If these blankets don’t work for you, Gravity has a 30-day return or exchange policy.

$29 at Amazon

$40 Save $11

$50 at Overstock

You don’t need to shell out a lot of money for this YnM blanket that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

If you don’t want to spend $150-plus for a weighted blanket, the YnM blanket regularly sells for under $90 in a 20-pound, 60-inch-by-80-inch size, making it the lowest-price blanket on this list. Even though it costs less, it doesn’t sacrifice much in quality. Compared with other lower-price blankets, the fabric is nicer, it distributes weight more evenly without shifting and it’s fairly quiet. The outer fabric is a bamboo-based material that feels sleek and cool to the touch. It kept us warm but didn’t feel overly hot. The inside is filled with glass beads that made minimal noise and stayed mostly evenly distributed.

We love that the YnM is available in 14 size and weight combinations, so you can find the one that’s right for you—but note the colors are limited. YnM has duvet covers available for purchase, so you can opt for a different color duvet that suits your taste and helps reduce how often you have to wash the blanket. We found the 12-pound blanket manageable when moving it from the bed to the couch. If you opt for a larger size, like the 80-inch-by-87-inch blanket that weighs 30 pounds, keep in mind it may be hard to manage.

Like most items on Amazon, this blanket has a 30-day return or exchange policy, so you can find the weight that works for you. The entire thing is machine-washable and can be tumble-dried.

$144 at Brooklinen

$169 Save $25

Its unique bead and quilting construction makes this feel more like a thin comforter than a weighted blanket, making it one of the most comfortable ones we tested.

The Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket stood out from the others because of how it’s made. It has a quilted interior layer with glass beads embedded in the quilt batting so they don’t shift around, unlike other weighted blankets in which the glass beads can move freely. It was one of our favorite blankets because it felt similar to a thin comforter. The design also ensures the weight is evenly distributed at all times, even when moving around. This blanket didn’t make any noise when it was moved in our tests, unlike other weighted blankets that sound like sand shifting.

The blanket has cotton material on the outside; one side is textured and the other is flat. It displays nicely on the couch, and we like that it doesn’t look like a bulky weighted blanket. We found the cotton breathable. The size and weight made it easy to move from the couch to the bed without too much struggle.

The biggest drawback is that this blanket only comes in one size and weight, so if you want or need something heavier you’ll have to look elsewhere. Brooklinen has a 365-day return or exchange policy if you want to try it. While the blanket is machine-washable, the instructions say to wash it in a commercial washing machine, so you’ll have to take it to the laundromat or spot clean it at home. In our testing, the textured fabric looked less uniform after washing in a front-loading home washer.

$63 at Luna

$110 Save $47

$70 at Amazon

A weighted blanket that feels like you’re wrapped up in your favorite, fluffiest fleece jacket for an extra snuggly experience.

For the coziest weighted blanket experience, you’ll want the Luna Sherpa Fleece. It’s double-sided, with one side made of sherpa fleece and the other a velvet-like material called “minky.” We loved the sherpa-fleece side, which felt light and fluffy, like being wrapped in a fleece jacket. The minky side also felt soft and was less warm than the sherpa side, but still snugly.

Holly Peretz, an Israel-based occupational therapist with specialized training and experience working with sensory integration, recommends rotating in different weighted blankets seasonally. With its thick, fluffy material, the Luna Sherpa Fleece would be great for chillier times of the year, or whenever extra warmth and weight are needed.

Similar to the Brooklinen weighted blanket’s construction, the Luna’s glass beads are housed in quilted squares with batting, so they don’t slide back and forth as you move and the weight is evenly distributed at all times. Because the beads don’t move around much, they don’t make a sliding-sand noise. We found the blanket sounded slightly crunchy, but not enough to bother us while resting or sleeping. Luna has a 30-day return policy, with a $15 processing fee taken out of your refund.

$199+ at Bearaby

With no glass beads, this blanket has a large open knit construction for amazing airflow and a noise-free experience.

Knit weighted blankets like the Bearaby Cotton Napper are made with large pieces of fabric acting as the yarns to create a chunky knit blanket. The open knit allows airflow through the openings. We liked the Bearaby over other knit blankets because the knit was large enough for air to flow through, but not so large that toes easily poke through. The blanket’s weight is always evenly distributed no matter how much you move it around, unlike blankets filled with loose glass beads, and it’s totally silent.

This blanket is great for someone who tends to overheat and wants to use it for weight rather than warmth. While some may love the airflow, others may find that the blanket is not warm enough because the holes allow heat to escape. We loved the soft feel of the cotton fabric; there are also eucalyptus-based Tencel fabric and velvet versions.

$207 at Sunday Citizen

$259 Save $52

$259 at Food52

Those who make use of crystals will adore this weighted blanket filled with glass pearls, amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz.

The Sunday Citizen Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket caught our attention because of its unique fill of glass pearls, amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz. Crystal lovers will appreciate the mix, which is supposed to have a healing, stress-relieving and soothing effect while drawing out negative energy—this isn’t scientifically proven, of course, and when we tested this blanket, we didn’t notice any extra soothing or calming besides the effect of the weight itself. We appreciated the even weight distribution, and the fill didn’t shift around too much.

The outer cover feels smooth, and we did not overheat while testing thanks to the viscose-from-bamboo cover material. It’s machine-washable for easy care, and the cover looked the same after washing. The inner blanket must be hand washed. We found the cover easy to open thanks to the zipper along the side. As with all blankets with duvet covers, it takes some work to fasten or unfasten the blanket inside the cover.

$130 at Luxome

$155 Save $25

If you find most weighted blankets too heavy, consider this light one, with an option for a dual-sided cover to switch throughout the year.

When weighted blankets are too heavy, they can feel uncomfortable and be harder to carry from one room to another. While our experts recommend weighted blankets that are 10% of your body weight, we found we sometimes preferred a lighter blanket. We love that the Luxome Weighted Blanket comes in an eight-pound weight, one of the lightest we’ve seen for weighted blankets; it would be good for someone who wants a lighter blanket or someone with a small frame who finds others too heavy. It was heavy enough that we felt some weight while using it sitting on the couch, but not so hefty we felt suffocated.

For those who like options, this Luxome blanket is more customizable than most. The company offers the choice of a synthetic fabric made with lyocell bamboo or minky. You can also choose to have it dual-sided, with the bamboo on one side and minky on the other, which is great for days when you want a warmer or cooler side. Another option allows you to choose between a blanket with a removable cover or a one-piece blanket with the fabric built in. It’s also available in an 18-pound size, which is not common and is a nice middle ground for those who find 15 pounds too light but 20 pounds too heavy. All the blanket options are machine-washable except for the XL 30-pound size.

We liked the Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket quite a bit, but it was just slightly edged out by the Bearaby. Like the Bearaby, it has a large, open-knit construction that allows for airflow and does not feel overly hot, although the Nuzzie’s soft knit is much chunkier and looser. Because the knit is so large, we found our toes would peek through the holes. It is easy to pull a yarn by accident (though easy to fix), and harder to carry the blanket. The Nuzzie is also priced higher than other weighted blankets (but comparable to Bearaby in price).

The Baloo Weighted Blanket is very similar to the YnM blanket in the way it looks and feels, but it’s priced much higher without any added benefits. The beads shift around slightly, but other than that, we have no major complaints. The blanket feels thin, and those who don’t want the feeling of a comforter on them would probably enjoy this model.

We liked the Nest Bedding Luxury Weighted Blanket, and found no significant issues. It’s dual-sided, with a polyester jersey on one side and a synthetic fabric made from bamboo on the other, both of which feel soft. The weight was evenly distributed. However, it only comes in one color, and the lightest weight available is 15 pounds, so the options are limited. Of note, it was one of the few blankets we tested that came with a carrying tote, making it easy to bring along on a road or camping trip.

The Tranquility Temperature Balancing Weighted Blanket is one of the lowest-price options we found. But you get what you pay for: It makes a lot of noise as the beads shift around inside the blanket, and they can feel lumpy at times, while the outside material is soft but also has a stiff feel. The blanket is spot clean only, so you won’t be able to throw it in the wash if there’s a major spill. If you’re looking to spend less on a weighted blanket, the YnM blanket is a much better choice.

Over the years, I’ve tested hundreds of bedding items such as sheets, blankets, pillows and more. I have written extensively about products for publications including Good Housekeeping, USA Today’s Reviewed, CNN Underscored and Penske Media.

In my former life, I worked at a home textiles company (unrelated to any of these brands) developing home products like blankets and towels, as well as leading the quality assurance efforts for home textile products. I’ve also worked at Nike developing materials and making sure they met high quality standards. I have degrees in apparel and textile design and mechanical engineering. One might say I’m obsessed with fabric.

I also consulted New York City-based Yung Park, M.D., who is board-certified in both internal medicine and psychiatry in New York City and the founder of Elevate Medical; Kathryn Eron, a medical researcher in Denver, with particular experience in literature review and data synthesis, who has researched weighted blankets; and Holly Peretz, an Israel-based occupational therapist with specialized training and experience working with sensory integration, to get their advice on what to look for in a weighted blanket, who they’re for and any other recommendations.

To choose what to test, we searched the internet for weighted blankets that are popular among consumers and have good reviews. We also considered our own favorite brands, and weighted blankets that made other top lists.

Based on our textile knowledge and the experts’ advice, we narrowed our list down. We ruled out weighted blankets that were spot clean only, since a weighted blanket will likely be a heavily used item and need to be washed. We also took out brands that had poor user reviews or ones that we know perform poorly based on previous testing experience with home textiles, and others that seemed similar to ones that are more popular. In the end, we came up with a list of 11 weighted blankets to test that had the most promise, and rated them with the following criteria: