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The Best Squishmallow Pet Beds To Buy

Aug 01, 2023Aug 01, 2023

Give your pet the Squishmallow bed of their dreams!

Squishmallows are famous around the world for being the softest and squishiest (hence the name) plush toys out there. Many people love cuddling them and even using the large ones as pillow. So, it only makes sense that Squishmallows decided our pets needed in on the action, too.

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There's a range of Squishmallow pet beds available for your furry friends, whether they're small lap cats or big dogs... who still believe they can fit on your lap. The beds are made from the trademark squishy material, so your pets will be having sweet dreams right away. Their designs also take inspiration from existing Squishmallows, so you know they're going to be adorable.

Beula's here to lend a hand - or eight!

Beula the Octopus looks absolutely delightful as a Squishmallow bed! The outer rim of the bed has pink, orange, and white cushions to emulate tentacles, and her happy smiling face is embroidered on the front.

The Beula the Octopus Squishmallow bed is a beautiful baby pink color, with different shades of pink used on the trim. Beula's happy expression is embroidered onto the front of the bed, and her smile is sure to bring a grin to your face too.

Your pets will love sinking into the plush material of the bed. The only problem is, you'll have a hard time trying to pry them out when you need to take them out for a walk!

Time to hop into bed!

Have you ever seen a bed cuter than this Wendy the Frog Squishmallow bed? We think not. The pale green color is absolutely charming, and the pink, blushy cheeks are adorable too. How soft and comfy it is for your pet to lay on is just the cherry on top.

Wendy the Frog is an absolutely classic Squishmallow, so she is naturally a perfect fit for a pet bed design. The shade of green is pleasing on the eye, and Wendy's smile is adorable when paired with the pink blush on her cheeks.

Of course, your pet will love the sheer comfort that this bed offers, too. You'd be completely hopping mad to pass up on this one!

The softest pineapple ever!

Maui the Pineapple's eternal smile is sure to bring joy into your pet's life through this pet bed. The bright yellow base color is bound to brighten up any room in your home, too.

Whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not (it doesn't, for the record), we can all agree that Maui the Pineapple is a sweet creature (fruit?) who makes for an adorable design on a Squishmallow pet bed.

The grooves of a pineapple are aptly presented with stripes across the bed, and Maui's face, of course, has a gentle smile. The yellow base color is guaranteed to brighten up any room you place it in, too.

Do you sea how cute this is?

Sharks have never looked more sweet! Gordon the Shark Squishmallow has a wide, toothy grin, so he's sure to be an instant friend with your pet. The small details, like the fins and gills, are great finishing touches, too.

Have you ever seen a shark so happy? Gordon the Shark's grin on this pet bed is one that's sure to get you smiling, too. The small details, like the embroidered gills and the fins on either side of the bed, only add to the bed's charm.

The gray fabric is a nice neutral tone, so it can easily complement the color scheme of any room in your home. All that's left is for your pet to jump right in and sea how comfortable it is.

Yes! Squishmallow pet beds are made from the same material, so these beds have the signature soft, comfortable, and huggable texture that Squishmallows are known for.

Squishmallows immediately became popular because of their adorable designs and soft texture. They're designed to be huggable, so many people find them comforting as well as cute to look at.

Squishmallow pet beds can be found on the official Squishmallows Amazon storefront or at third-party outlets such as Walmart.

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