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Best Bamboo Bedding 2023: Pillowcases, Duvet Covers & Fitted Sheets

Jun 11, 2023Jun 11, 2023

By Ali Howard

From its many health benefits to its sustainable credentials, bamboo bedding is fast become one of the best options for your next pair of sheets.

With a list of health benefits as enticing as your summer duvet, there’s every reason to shop for bamboo bedding. This organic material is naturally lightweight and breathable, it’s hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, it boasts moisture and odour-wicking properties, and it’s up there with pure French flax linen when it comes to temperature regulation. This natural material will keep you comfortably cool in the summer months yet toasty warm in the winter, making it an all-season must-have for bed sheets.

Bamboo bedding feels luxurious and is known for its close correlation to silk – vegan silk if you will. It is soft and supple, it washes well, and it can look supremely expensive, thanks to its light-catching sheen and its elegant drape.

But trumping all of the above is its impressive eco-credentials. Known as a wonder plant, bamboo is one of the fastest growing species on the planet, reaching up to three feet per day, meaning it provides a seriously high yield per acre and saves on land. In more general sustainability terms, when we compare it to the seemingly innocent cotton, bamboo uses just a fraction of the water needed to grow and is much lower maintenance, flourishing without the need for pesticides, fertilisers or nasty chemicals. We’ll sleep easy knowing that.

This complete bedding set uses only organically grown bamboo fibres, making it silky soft and refreshingly breathable. With a 320 thread count (the equivalent of 1,200 in cotton), its quality is palpable.

With its decorative satin stitch, this 100 per cent viscose bamboo bedding brings hotel-style luxury to the bedroom. The pieces are sold separately so you can build up your collection, whether you’re dressing your double, king, or a super king-size bed.

This luxurious, 100 per cent bamboo bedding boasts a sateen weave, which gives it a supremely soft and supple feel. Not only does it feel like silk, it looks like it, too, with its attractive, light-catching sheen.

While bamboo viscose might sound like a hybrid of natural and man-made materials, the term relates to the manufacturing process of mechanically crushed bamboo leaves and stems, which are wet-spun to produce bamboo fibres. The end result is a silky, bamboo fibre yarn, ready to be woven into luxurious sheets.

Each brand will have its own guidelines on the best way to look after your bamboo sheets, but typically, they’ll tell you to wash them on a cool, gentle cycle without the use of fabric conditioner as this can affect their breathability. While bamboo bedding can be tumble-dried on a low setting, line drying is always best.

Cotton or polyester blends are often much more affordable, and while you won’t get the full benefits of 100 per cent bamboo, there are still noticeable differences in feel and breathability. You might prefer the more formal look of crisp cotton, as opposed to slinky bamboo, in which case a bamboo/cotton blend is for you. Be sure to check the label for the percentage of bamboo used.

Whatever your reasons for shopping bamboo bedding, whether you want to be kinder to the planet, kinder to your skin, or simply like the look and feel of it, Panda is a brand that goes above and beyond. This organic bamboo set comprises a duvet cover, fitted sheet, standard pillowcases and a neat little drawstring bag of the same material. Even the branded wooden buttons are 100 per cent bamboo, ensuring the products are completely plastic-free – the devil’s in the detail. What’s more, the brand ensures there are no harmful chemicals in the dying processes of this vegan-friendly bedding, and it is delivered in fully recycled and recyclable packaging. Expect soft, fresh and highly breathable sheets. From £110. At

Boasting a silky feel, John Lewis’s bamboo bedding brings a slice of luxury to the all-natural material. Crafted from 100 per cent bamboo viscose, it is hypoallergenic, and importantly, it maintains its softness after repeated machine washes. Sold separately, the bedding comes in a choice of two colourways: white, and dove, which is a gentle, cloud-like light grey. Both the duvet cover and the pillowcases boast a delicate double stitch silky border, which gives the bedding a decorative touch and a bit of structure – expect an attractive drape. If you like the look of crisp cotton bed linen but prefer the feel of bamboo, this is a great choice. From £30. At

Unlike pure bamboo bedding, this collection mixes a cotton sateen, which awards it an extra silky feel. The fabric is naturally antibacterial and boasts climate control technology, which draws moisture away from the body to keep you comfortably cool all through the night. Sold separately, the duvet cover and pillowcases come with the option of a fitted sheet, a deep fitted sheet, and even an extra deep fitted sheet for those with particularly thick mattresses – because there’s nothing more annoying than your sheet pinging off in the middle of the night. The bedding is stylishly simple in design and comes in a choice of monochrome shades, from the subtle stone or mint to the more pigment-rich mid-grey or mid-blue. £19.50. At

This is a brand that prides itself on the finer details of its organic bamboo offering. We can rest assured the plant is fed only with natural rainwater, meaning there are no pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers involved. The four-piece bed set features a zipped duvet cover, an elasticated fitted sheet, and a choice of Oxford or standard (housewife) pillowcases. Scoring points on versatility, this bamboo set ranges from single all the way up to emperor in size, and it comes in a choice of nine block colours, including cool grey, slate, and an undyed white if you really do want to go all-out natural. From £70. At

Crafted from a 200-thread count cotton and bamboo viscose blend, this bedding collection offers hotel-like luxury. In pure white, and with pieces sold separately, the duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases hit the sweet spot between crisp and supple, thanks to their mix of materials. The bedding is made up of 60 per cent cotton and 40 per cent organic bamboo. The flat sheet, pillowcases and duvet cover feature a delicate hemstitch along their deep borders, successfully framing the bedding and giving it a decorative detail. Super soft and satisfyingly silky from the get-go, this set promises to get even more supple after each wash. From £22. At

It comes as little surprise that bamboo bedding from this premium brand is extra luxurious. Supremely soft and silky, this duvet cover and pillowcases set boasts a sateen weave, so not only does it feel deliciously supple next to the skin, it looks the bomb too, with its light-catching sheen. As with all 100 per cent bamboo bedding, these sheets boast thermoregulating properties, they are naturally hypoallergenic, and they work hard to draw any moisture away from the body as you sleep. Fitted and flat sheet sets are sold separately, and the bedding comes in three shades, coloured with non-toxic dyes: blue, pink, or white. From £139. At

This is another 100 per cent bamboo bedding bundle that includes a duvet cover, standard pillowcases and a fitted sheet, all neatly packaged in a matching drawstring bag. Available in double or king size, the breathable bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, and it boasts superior temperature-regulating properties, keeping you perfectly comfortable throughout the night. Ideal for hot sleepers, you can team the set with your low-tog summer duvet for the best effect. This one also brags an attractive sheen, and in a gentle grey-blue, the colour is as soft as the sheets themselves. From £90. At

By Lucy Ford

By Zak Maoui

By Lucy Ford

Sold in a handy bundle, this bamboo bedding set is surprisingly affordable with a whopping 59 per cent off the full price, currently. Lightweight and smooth, the bedding boasts 40 per cent bamboo and 60 per cent polyester makeup and promises to keep us perfectly cool and refreshed. The set comprises a zipped duvet cover, standard pillowcases and a fitted sheet complete with elasticated corner straps for extra security. Its impressive range of 14 colours includes deeper shades such as sage green and burgundy, alongside calming neutrals like tan, cream, silver, and of course pure white. From £68. At

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