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Conner Coffin Retires from Competitive Surfing

Sep 06, 2023Sep 06, 2023

Conner Coffin surfed his last (official) heat today.

Following an elimination in the Round of 32 at the US Open of Surfing, the Santa Barbara surfer was chaired up the beach, ceremoniously hanging up the jersey…for now.

Check out the clip below.

“It was so cool, my brother came down, got my fiancé and family…a lot of people who have been a part of my life and competitive surfing career,” Conner said.

“Super special.

“It kinda started here in Huntington Beach, surfing NSSA [contests]. And this [the US Open of Surfing] was the first big contest I surfed in. I think Hurley gave me the wildcard. Then, I won the Pro Junior here a couple times. A lot of really good memories.

“It’s kinda weird, but I’m super stoked.

“I wish I surfed my last heat at Pipe or J-Bay or something, but I think in a cool way it’s pretty full circle for me here at Huntington.

“I actually met my fiancé down here at a Shorebreak [Hotel] party. A lot of history here. We were reminiscing about it. Couldn’t be more stoked. Thank you.”

Just two years ago, in 2021, Conner finished off the season in fourth place – falling to Filipe Toledo in the Finals Day showdown. Then, the following year, he fell off Tour at Margaret River due to the mid-season cut. He did not requalify in 2023.

But along the way, Conner’s put on some memorable performances. Like that one time he shared a tube with dolphins in 2019 at The Box during the Margaret River Pro:

So long for now, Conner; we’ll be keeping an eye out for some wildcard appearances, or some freesurfing edits, in the near future.


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