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Here’s a Pillow That Adapts to Every Sleeping Position

Apr 01, 2024Apr 01, 2024

Where your body moves, this pillow follows.

We’ve all paid the price of an encounter with a Very Bad Pillow™. In the true fashion of a gift that keeps on-giving, the muscle strain caused from an unsupportive pillow can lead to frustration, unexpected delays (getting dressed with a stubborn crick in the neck requires extra time) and before you can recover, your entire day has spiraled into disarray because you chose the wrong pillow. Fear of experiencing such catastrophes combined with a knowledge that better options absolutely exist led us to scouring retailers for pillows that comply: in other words, those that are supportive, cooling, comfortable and adaptive to various sleeping positions, not much unlike the Moves With You Down Alternative Pillow we spotted at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.

The apparent key to the success of this US-manufactured pillow is its LiquiLoft fill, a gel-like, polyester padding that, as the name suggests, is responsive to body movement. In other words, if you’re prone to flailing in your sleep or you remain in the same position (to your knowledge) throughout the night, the pillow’s support levels align with your sleeping position. Or as one pleased shopper notes, "its stuffing moves with you." Other pillowy perks include its 230-thread count, and hypoallergenic material that’s also OEKO-Tex certified.

Available in king size, this bedding accessory has fetched compliments on its cooling abilities, "nice loft," and "stuffing that maintains its fluff." For now, this premium pillow is $20 off, but take note: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale prices are set to go up August 7.

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